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The most popular and versatile safety mirror is the Convex Mirror.

160° field of view gives a superior view of your surroundings.

The round convex mirror works well in the following environments:

  • Parking garages & lots,
  • Warehouse aisles and traffic routes,
  • Truck delivery docks,
  • Entrance areas.

In low ceiling areas, the rectangular convex options add real benefit.

These enable  tractor-trailer drivers see overhead clearance and areas directly behind the trailer on dock loading bays and in parking lots.

Help reduce the risk of parking and collision accidents.  The mirrors can be used to see areas in front of or beside your MHE helping you to avoid work benches, pallets or even maneuver out of a tight spot.

Consider using round convex mirrors to improve vision in tight access areas.

Convex Mirrors

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