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Hanging Barcode Signs


Warehouse barcode signs are a highly visual method of identifying areas of floor storage in warehouse and distribution centers. They are the ideal alternative to floor labels which are susceptible to damage. These are suspended in the air, away from harm and can be scanned from large distances.

Barcode signage provides a point of reference, which can be seen from considerable distances making fork truck navigation easier and helping improve operational efficiency.

Hanging signs can be supplied complete with high definition labels, large clear eye readable data and to any sizes required by the customer. We are able to recommend layouts and formats to help customers, or we can match their current product exactly.

Colors, sizes and attachment detail are almost infinite, every sign which leaves ASG Services is different from the next and can perform various functions thanks to our custom design and production services.

Customers ask, "How far can we scan the barcodes on these signs from?"  Our answer is, "If you have long range scanners, our smaller option can be scanned at 50ft with ease.  The larger the barcode is, the further this can be." 

If installation services are required, we highly recommend our customers contact us. We can discuss key information and project planning considerations. Read more about Sign Installation Services.

Hanging Barcode Signs

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