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Reflective rack labels are an effective way to manage warehouse and storage inventory. As the leading manufacturer of warehouse signs and labels, ASG Services produce high-quality reflective rack labels ready for immediate use.

Reflective rack labels are an important development in warehouse signage, being particularly popular in facilities that operate man-down forklift trucks. We use a 3M retro-reflective material in the production of these labels, which allows more light to be sent back to a scanning device. In practical terms, this means our reflective rack labels can be read at a greater distance than traditional monoprint rack labels on white opaque surfaces.

The long-range scanning of barcodes makes life easier for warehouse staff when dealing with inventory or distribution duties at a distance. All our reflective rack labels are printed on a synthetic base, using high-definition print machines to ensure reliable results with all standard scanning devices, even at long range. This applies to both linear and 2D barcodes.

Why choose ASG Services labels?

We design our labels for warehouse use, with a permanent adhesive backing to ensure they stay in place once applied to your storage racks. Labels are available that cover both the front as well as the front and underside of racks, with the barcode clearly visible on both facets. This allows easy scanning from floor level. Thanks to the labels’ reflective properties offering long-range scanning, barcodes on your highest racks can be scanned from the warehouse floor.

Most of our labels can be customized to meet your specific needs. We offer custom sizes to match your racks, and color-coding on labels to provide additional level differentiation.

We pride ourselves on always delivering value for money, and offer volume-based pricing on all reflective rack labels that are ordered in large quantities. Please contact our office for more on this.

If you need to discuss your project with experienced professionals, the team at ASG Services is here to help. We offer free, practical advice on all your warehouse labeling and signage concerns, whether you place an order or not.