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Rack and Shelf Labels

ASG Services warehouse rack labels are used by world leading logistics and distribution centers, to identify locations on pallet racking and pick slots on shelving.

Our online range of rack label products, although limited, includes polyester and plastic constructions. They vary in durability depending on their use. All are available with a magnetic and self-adhesive backing.  Adhesives also vary, based on the environment and surface types. If you need something more specific than you see here, please call us on (877) 447-9798.

Unlimited custom designs, variable data and the choice of label construction type make every label we produce unique from the rest. The most common designs and layouts include linear and 2D barcodes along with human readable location references, made up of alpha and/or numeric configurations.

Our production methods allow us to produce full color labels, for color coding, which offers significant benefit to users and the efficiency of a distribution center.  We aim to present labels in an order which helps with their installation, however please let us know your specific requirements when placing an order. Labels may be presented on rolls or as individual labels.

If you are working on a large-scale implementation, it may be best for you to visit our project services site ( Here, you will find more detailed information about our rack labels, the types of racks labels and our warehouse labeling services.

Our own installation teams travel throughout the US providing professional labeling services which are project managed as part of a professional turnkey service.  Customers benefit by passing all responsibility to ASG Services. We work carefully and accurately until completion with minimal impact on other operational activities.

ASG Services are specialists in pallet rack labels and location identification.

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