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Warehouse Line Striping


Effective internal floor striping helps improve safety, efficiency and the level of professionalism demanded in today’s warehouse and distribution industry. ASG Services provide various methods of warehouse striping from customer-installed options to highly durable applications which are long lasting, cost effective and capable of beating the rest.

Storage and distribution facilities across the US have a constant battle with warehouse striping on concrete floors. Many methods are used to match varying budgets, some successfully and others fail, on the whole most fall short of expectations. Inferior floor striping installations wear away, break-up and fail over time, leaving pedestrians at risk and a facility which slowly becomes less uncontrolled.

Occasionally organizations employ the services of their own employees or site maintenance departments to install the new warehouse floor striping system, however the end result is inevitably met with the usual issues. Alternatively the so called ‘floor striping experts’ are contracted to provide a comprehensive warehouse line marking system, unfortunately their methods are rarely developed for distribution center environments and are not of the standard required for such heavy usage.

ASG Services’ durable warehouse striping solution is has proven with research and development great solutions can be achieved. Our diamond shaved floor striping system is so durable that we are certain no other can compete on performance, aesthetics and accuracy.

The machines used are not widely available which makes ASG Services unique in this area since we own several to handle the volume of installations we carryout. Understandably some companies do not need such high standards of floor marking and striping, they may be restricted by budget or by changes to their building, so as you would expect from a professional company, we are equipped to deliver low cost alternatives which are less ‘permanent’ yet still perform. Applying paint directly to the floor with a floor spraying machine or roller application is tough if done correctly.

Using epoxy paint systems for warehouse striping is a universal standard, however it is rarely applied in a way that achieves success. ASG Services have specially trained teams who use diamond technology to prepare the floor surface in order for the epoxy paint to key with (adhere to), forming a bond which is superior in durability and aesthetics.

To compliment their floor striping products ASG Services also offer a floor cleaning service to be carried out prior to installation. This removes the need for our customer to prepare the floor before work commences and allows us to dictate the cleanliness which can lead to improved durability.

As part of the ongoing maintenance of the lines, we also offer a warehouse stripe cleaning plan which helps keep the lines looking fresh as well as identifying any issues which may need to be addressed throughout their lifespan.