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Multi-Level Rack Labels

Multi-level rack labels provide several benefits for the user as they present all the information for each associated location from the ground or specified level and upwards.  This is most often seen in pallet rack bays and can be utilized on push back and carton live pallet rack structures. They help warehouse operatives read the content and scan all bar-codes while at ground level, helping decrease time spent trying to scan at distance and cross-scans.

Additionally, the label helps with cost savings as there are less labels to produce and less to be installed, reducing labor costs and down time.

Multi-level labels are also known as:

  • Step Labels
  • Upright Labels
  • Totem Labels
  • Frame Labels

Designs can be created for use on rack beams or the upright frame of rack structures. If you would like to discuss them in more detail, please feel free to contact us, or visit our multi-level rack label project page.