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Epoxy Floor Coatings

Durable Epoxy Floor Coating

To achieve the best floor coating results, we use shot blasting, diamond grinding, diamond shaving and simple surface cleaning preparation prior to applying and coating system. Creating a fresh 'clean' surface enables the coating to achieve maximum 'key' or adhesion, critical for performance. 

We always recommend shot blasting as a minimum to ensure longevity which is usually what our customers look for.

Our installation teams travel throughout the US providing durable line striping and floor coatings, creating demarcations which are chemical resistant. This is ideal for warehouses, in areas where forklift trucks are charged, maintained or often create considerable damage.

Please contact us to discuss your floor coating requirements. We can help you plan and implement a complete system, or segments of a large project as needed.

What you can expect from our line striping services:

  • Honest and unbias advice on the most suitable solution. 
  • Various levels of durability to meet your budget and requirements.
  • Project scheduling and managed delivery to minimize disruption.
  • Highly experienced striping installation teams working nationwide.

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