Trade Partners

Trade Partner Discount


Who Qualifies for a Discount?

Suppliers to our industry can apply to become a Trade Partner of ASG Services.  Once the supplier is confirmed, they are entitled to an agreed discount rate, based on the level of order value in any one year.

To become a Trade Partner, we need to perform a credit rating check and receive several items from you for authenticity.


How to Apply.

Contact ASG Services, either by phone on (770) 447-9498 or email your request to with you company details.


General Discount

Throughout the year, ASG Services offer seasonal based discounts which will customers will be informed of by email following their first order.

Loyal customers who achieve a specific overall order value per year will be informed by email when they break through value categories.  The higher the overall value achieve relates to the level of % discount offered by ASG Services.


For more information on ASG Services discounts, please email and use DISCOUNT as your subject.