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Epoxy Line Striping

Direct Epoxy Line Striping

Line striping or as some call it, floor marking is an important part of a properly organized warehouse, but when occupying a leased building it may not be possible to install our most durable diamond-shaved epoxy marking system.

Using a special two-part epoxy paint, ASG Services can spray paint to create floor markings, directly onto the surface of your warehouse floor.

Concrete floor preparation options, range in process type and vary with the requirements of each unique installation. They enable the best possible adhesion and durability of surface sprayed lines, however we understand they are not always possible for some facilities.  Therefore, we strongly recommend customers clean their floors thoroughly, prior to applying paint direct.

If you have a specific floor marking or line striping need, or you can not find the exact solution you have in mind, please call us on (877) 447-9798.

ASG Services has built a vast knowledge base in multiple solution types for warehouse line creation, which enables us to be at the forefront of the warehouse identification and marking market. Our production facility gives us ultimate flexibility in the manufacture signs, labels and other custom solutions which compliment our floor marking services.

You can also visit our project site to find out more on our renowned line striping installation projects throughout the USA and the floor marking solutions available.

What you can expect from our line striping services:

  • Honest and unbias advice on the most suitable solution. 
  • Various levels of durability to meet your budget and requirements.
  • Project scheduling and managed delivery to minimize disruption.
  • Highly experienced striping installation teams working nationwide.

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