Durable Warehouse Labels Outdo Generic Options Every Time

Durable Warehouse Labels Outdo Generic Options Every Time

Posted by ASG Services on Mar 30th 2021

Generic labels can determinate, distort, come unstuck, be easily damaged and even peel, making it more difficult to identify which location the items are stored. In addition to inventory control, custom warehouse labels can also help you meet and maintain important OSHA safety regulations. If you are looking to improve your workflow efficiency, a great place to start is with custom and durable warehouse labels.

Worth the Extra Cost

Like so many other things in life, spending a little extra on durable warehouse labels instead of buying cheap generic options can help your firm save money over the long-term. Investing in durable custom labels can speed up the workflow process and keep everything moving in the right direction. If your warehouse is haphazardly designed and marked, your workflow process is probably a lot longer than it needs to be. In addition to worker efficiency, long-lasting and easy to read signage is a foundational part of OSHA compliance. Utilizing custom and durable labels for your safety signage as well as your inventory control can help you focus on the important day to day tasks that are involved in the successful running of your company.

Laminated Rack Location Labels

These barcoded labels are one of the most effective time-saving innovations to hit the warehouse industry. With these barcodes, inventory control is more reliable, and it becomes much easier for your floor staff to find the items they need. Laminated custom labels that are durable and long-lasting, will still be easy to read and scan for a lot longer than alternative generic options that are currently available on the market. When you need to know exactly where a certain inventory item is located, a seamless barcode labeling system is one of the simplest and most effective options. Laminated rack location labels can be customized to fit your exact needs and choosing labels that are durable and well-made will save you both time and money in the future.

Floor Labels and Aisle Signs Help You Save Time and Money

Depending on the size and scope of your warehouse, it may be difficult for new workers to find their way around, and even your most experienced staff may sometimes also rely on signage. By having each aisle clearly marked, with both a posted sign and floor labels, you are helping your staff to perform their tasks more quickly and efficiently. Not only do these signs make it easier for workers to identify locations and navigate the warehouse, in some instances, they are also required by OSHA. Achieving and maintaining OSHA compliance is an important part of providing a safe workplace for your staff.

If your firm needs custom durable labels to meet your inventory tracking and OSHA safety compliance needs, the team at ASG Services is here to help. In addition to creating your barcode labels and signs, our project management team can help you streamline your entire workflow process. We are a full-service company that provides the resources that you need to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

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