OSHA Guidance for Floor Marking Consistency

OSHA Guidance for Floor Marking Consistency

Posted by ASG Services on Mar 30th 2021

One of the most critical reasons for the various OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) compliance regulations and other types of guidance rules is to keep employees or others moving through a facility safe. Floor markings are especially important in conveying safety information to those who might be using equipment such as forklifts or other vehicles.

This information is most often conveyed through the use of paint or tape on the floor so that it is visible to those inside the lanes. While it was initially simply an OSHA requirement that the “permanent aisles and passageways shall be appropriately marked", this was very vague, creating a need for further clarification. Here are the most important points to adhere to:

- The minimum width for these floor markings is two inches, but the preferred size should be in the range of two to six inches so that maximum visibility is obtained.

- An aisle needs to be at least four feet wide so that there is enough room for the maximum amount of room and flexibility. However, this size should be increased even further if there are larger machines and tools used with the aisle so that the overall width must be a minimum of three feet wider than the largest machine that will be in the area.

- Businesses that utilize unusual floor surfaces such as dirt and other uneven materials are allowed by OSHA to make use of traffic cones, barrels, flags, or other systems. But it is crucial that employees are properly trained on these types of systems so that the overall safety is kept to as high a standard as possible.

- In terms of color, there are no specific requirements. But there are guidelines that make things more easily recognizable by those who are coming from another facility.

- Red is related to fire safety. For example, flammable equipment and fire protection equipment would be most easily recognized if outlined in this color.

- Yellow is generally related to a physical hazard such as striking, tripping, or stumbling. However, it is also a consistent color if used for general floor markings throughout the entire facility.

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