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Magnetic Rack Labels

Magnetic rack labels are produced from a special magnetized base material that we print directly on with a specialist printer and then cut them to the required dimension. We typically produce orders ranging in sizes between 100 and 100,000, so no matter what your needs, we will be able to help.

A coating can be applied to protect the magnetic label print face for those who need a little extra defense against wear and tear. The coating is not bullet or pallet proof, but where labels are cleaned, or rubbed, it will extend the life of the print.

There are several benefits to a reusable location label. Magnetic rack labels are superior in versatility, thanks to the lack of adhesive. Removable adhesive labels must be applied to something while in storage, to safeguard the adhesive, that is not the case for a magnetic alternative. They can be stacked and placed in a safe place and reused days, months, or years later. These labels also, do not leave any adhesive residue when removed.

An obvious benefit of magnetic rack labels is that they can be used, removed, and reused in ambient and cold storage environments. As freezer labels, they are a preferred option by many large facilities.

Magnetic rack labels are ideal for use where locations change in size, or where product references are used and change often. We provide standard sizes below and can produce customer designs, sizes, and quantities, tailored to individual requirements.

We have teams in-house who can help advise on designs, layouts and recommend the most suitable format for your specific needs. Please feel free to contact us with your rack label requirements, we are happy to help.